The Lundy House

by Rowan Jade Rushing
(Baker, Florida, Okaloosa County)

Haunted Lundy House

Haunted Lundy House

Haunted Lundy House
Carving on the wall of the Lundy House
Lundy House Bedroom
Lundy House Hallway

I have lived in Florida all of my life, and I moved to Baker in Okaloosa County four years ago. My family owned land in Baker for several decades, so we built our house ourselves on our family's property.

Also on the property there is a small, wooden house that has been there for about a century now, and there are a lot of strange things about it. This is NOT a joke. People call my mother and father crazy for not tearing the old house down, but we know the history.

Mr. Lundy, the man who built the house, had nine children with his wife. One day, Mr. Lundy committed suicide by shooting himself through the chin in the Lundy's home. You can still see faint blood stains and gunshots in the ceiling in the room he killed himself in. We think it might have been a bedroom. There is also a small stick-figure drawing and the name 'Hillary' written on one of the walls.

It always feels cold in the house and there are drafts in corners, and every one of my friends say that they feel like they are being watched when they are in there, and I do too.

I once tried to capture a ghost's voice by EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). I caught small whispers of what sounded like a young girl saying, "I know, I know, I know." I also happened to find strange scratch-marks on the ground. I found more voices on my phone that I recorded:

- A voice of what sounded like an eight or nine year old boy saying "Put it in the bucket."
- A voice of an elderly woman saying "He's sick."
- Unreadable whispers.
- Sighing.
- Faint sobbing of what sounding like a small girl.

All this has happened in or near the house.

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Jul 13, 2015
by: Rowan Rushing

Hi, everyone reading! I'm the author of this article, and I'd like to make it known that the Lundy House is SOON TO BE OPEN FOR TOURS. Message me on Facebook to inquire:

Remember, the house is on private property so an RSVP *is* required. Thanks for your interest, it really means a lot!



Sep 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

A friend and I have been out there a few times. Last night was probably the scariest visit we've ever had. Baker co. Is no joke when it comes to paranormal activity. It's everywhere. We have so much history here but wandering off to the wrong places not knowing what you're getting into can be very dangerous.

Mar 17, 2013
by: Cynthia Rashea Brown

Id love to come look around! I've herd about this house for years!

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