Haunted Northwest Florida
Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

Think you know Northwest Florida? Think again. Haunted Northwest Florida is another world altogether, one of creaking doors, bloodstained walls and mysterious apparitions.

Seemingly ordinary places can be positively lively with the spirits of the dearly departed. Legends and tales lurk around every corner and ghost stories of sad ladies, murdered lighthouse keepers and eerie fiddle music in the swamps abound.

While many of these tales have a historical basis, some are just spooky fun. There’s the legend of Two-Toed Tom a gigantic alligator said to be between 18 and 24 feet long that terrorized farmers in the 1920s. The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge is the tragic tale of a lady who, in 1837, died of a terrible accident on her wedding day and who still wanders the cypress swamps of the Chipola River looking for her lost love. Then there’s the ghost hearse of Highway 65 in the Apalachicola National Forest. Don’t stop at the railroad tracks!

Tales of haunted houses, ghostly lights and other hauntings have always been a part of our heritage and culture. They make great campfire tales and help create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween events. Sometimes meant as cautionary tales, these stories of the supernatural titillate our imaginations and make us think of the possibilities beyond the grave.

There is actually quite a lot of supernatural activity in haunted Northwest Florida and the sheer number of ghosts in the region has sparked several active paranormal investigation groups. The Big Bend Ghost Trackers, who have written a book, "Haunted Monticello Florida," the Northwest Florida Paranormal Research Society in Panama City and the Pensacola Paranormal Society are all serious ghost hunters who research, investigate and document the unexplained.

So come with us and Explore the spooky side of Northwest Florida, from Monticello, named the South’s most haunted small town by ABC news to the ghosts of historic Pensacola. Ghost tours are available for these haunted attractions. Just don’t look behind you.

Some Known Haunted Places in Northwest Florida
Check out some of the spots in the region that ghosts haunt, like the Pensacola Lighthouse, the Monticello Opera House and the Orman House in Apalachicola. Are you a ghost hunter? Add your own haunted experiences to the list.

Northwest Florida Ghosts Stories
Read these ghostly tales of things that go bump in the night – or the day. Ghosts don’t really care. After all, it’s the spirit that counts.

Haunted Attractions and Halloween Events
Northwest Florida gets even spookier in October when Halloween events and haunted attractions come alive, so to speak. Check out our list and add to it, if you dare.

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