Haunted in Pensacola

by Charlotte Moody
(Navarre, Florida)

Face in window

Face in window

Face in window
Face in Window Close-up
Face in Window Close-up 2
Orb Close-up

While going on a Ghost Tour in Historic Pensacola, Florida, my friend and I felt drawn to revisit this house which is now a business by day and located on the corner of Florida and Zargonza Street. Story has it that this is where 2 elderly sisters lived many years ago. I can't recall the story of the 2 sisters and people have said that 2 teen boys snuck in one night and while going up the stairs just inside the front door, a woman screamed at them to leave and they did so very quickly. While walking around outside the building, my friend said she felt like something was watching her. I had taken some headache medicine therefore my naturally heightened senses were dulled. We were alone by this time and no other people walking the street near this house. I took pictures while standing at the back of the building and when we had enough, we went home. My curiosity aroused, I uploaded the pictures to my computer and was amazed at what I found staring back at me.
First there is an orb near the corner of the house. Then several pictures of the window of the second floor where my friend said she felt like something was there. We could not see anyone or anything in the window, but when you look at the pictures, it tells another story. There appears to be a face screaming or yelling at us. If I had to guess, I would say that she is yelling at us to go away. Secondly, just below her face in the center pane, is what looks she is holding a toy cat or something. Then in another picture you can see what appears to be the upper portion of a different woman wearing a black dress. All the pictures were of the same window and all taken within 10 minutes apart. It is all very chilling and it really creeped-out my friend. I, on the other hand, am intrigued. I have been back and taken additional pictures, but have never seen the woman in the Creepy House again.

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